Teaching Secrets And Instructions About Sugar Consumption

The teaching secrets and dangers of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and how good it is for you, you’ve probably seen the ads that say it’s the same as sugar. And sugar, whether it comes from corn or from a wild and natural sugar cane is the same. Well, no way.

But there’s another issue, for when (hfcs) manufacturers want to reassure you that corn syrup is perfectly safe, ASK THEM ABOUT MERCURY. One of the steps used to make high fructose corn syrup is to process it with caustic sodas, (which is made using mercury). And when we test, we find that half of all HFCS samples have mercury. Mercury was also found in 1/3 of all off the shelf commercial foods where HFCS is the first or second listed ingredient.

Unfortunately, you probably aren’t going to learn much about this from your doctor. Most are still hopelessly ignorant in these areas, and offer no tips nor instructions. They were simply never taught about nutrition and environmental toxins in medical school and instead only and faithfully learned about drugs and surgery, as the remedy for all human health concerns.

One of the worst toxic offenders we are exposed to every day is mercury. 6 million pounds of it go up into the air every year just from coal powered furnaces. Elemental or metallic mercury produces toxic vapors that gets blown into the air, which we breathe. It is also used in industries to produce chlorine gas and the caustic soda. Did I also mention dental fillings and batteries.

Mercury combines with many elements, such as chlorine, sulfur, and oxygen, to form “inorganic mercury” or mercury salts. These are sometimes used in synthetic skin lightening creams and as antiseptic creams and ointments. Mercury also combines with carbon to make “organic mercury” compounds. The most common is methyl-mercury. produced by organisms in the water and soil, and is the exact kind of mercury you get when you eat fish. We also get mercury in our bodies from drinking water, some vaccines (such as flue shots), fluorescent light bulbs, red tattoo dye and contact lens fluid. Here are some other places you’d never expect to find mercury.

Many protein powders contain high levels of mercury and other toxic and cancer causing heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and arsenic. This was confirmed by a recent study published in Consumer Reports. Gone are the days when candles were made from natural products. Today, paraffin is the ingredient of choice. Sounds innocent enough, but paraffin is actually the sludge found at the bottom of barrels of crude oil.

The oil by-product is then bleached and treated with benzene and other chemicals to make it usable for candles. Even the American Lung Association warns that paraffin candles release lead and mercury into the air. One study from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)found that toxic emissions from paraffin candles exceed their own recommendations.

Mercury can build up inside you unless you help your body get rid of it. If you have any of the symptoms of mercury poisoning, such as, emotional instability, depression, numbness, muscle weakness, tremors or ataxia – have yourself checked by your doctor, or alternative doctor.

And to help your body defend itself, here are two things you can do to protect against buildup of mercury and other toxins: TAKE THE FAST LANE TO DETOXFY YOUR SICK BODY, working out helps your blood and lymphatic circulation to do its own job of removing deadly toxins from your body. The critical issue when using physical exertion for detoxification is to work up a good sweat. Working up a sweat will rid help rid your body of many toxins.

The principles of short duration and progressively increasing intensity exercises allows for quickly adapting to high levels of exertion. GET THAT POISON OUT, Antioxidant foods are a great medicine to prevent toxic damage from mercury. Lots of cruciferous vegetables and berries give you the most antioxidant protection, and also curcumin.

But, there is one antioxidant that your body makes which is your main detoxifying agent against mercury. It’s called glutathione. It resides in all cells and pushes out heavy metals that you then eliminate through sweat or bodily waste so they don’t do damage inside. The secret nutrients L-Glutamine (1,000 mg) and N-acetyl cysteine (1,800 mg to 2,400 mg a day) help your body make more glutathione. Both are available at your local nutrition or health food store.

Organ meats from chicken or turkey livers and giblets, plus eggs from free roaming (free farmed) chickens and raw walnuts also make the list of detoxifying foods because they have a lot of selenium, a powerful antioxidant mineral that also helps your body make glutathione. Try to get at least 55 micrograms, and up to 200 micrograms of selenium a day. Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium also, and both have about 100 mcg.  to your good health, over the hill bill from Maine.

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